How it all started

Back in 2016 we had an idea… Can we transform our barns into a luxurious wedding venue while reusing most of the building features and each and every stone?
Well, after many headaches and 4 years of planning and hard work we are closer than ever to finish it off, even though we now see Hanbeck Farm as an a place that will keep evolving in years to come.

Every StoneEach and every single stone must be reused on the renovation.Outside ViewMust admit, this was not pleasant… For years the view outside my bedroom window looked like this. Getting better now. Our much loved archesThe old arches and tiny rectangular apertures were keptBarn 5 before roofRoof only a few days awayBarn 5Our little barn 5 before and after. We are still thinking of a naming scheme, let us know if you have any ideasBlack and White ArchStone ArchCreative structural support aided by old bales